Koen DECANCQ , Marc FLEURBAEY and Erik SCHOKKAERT 의 삶의 질 측정에 관한 3가지 접근법을 설명하는

세계적인 분석연구문헌이다.

이 문헌은  Stiglitz보고서(2009.10)의 이론적 검토부분을 다시 잘 정리한 것으로 현재 사회발전지표 즉 삶의 질지표를

만드는 이론적 기초이다. 반드시 읽고 이해하여야 하는 필 필독문헌이다..

Individual well-being depends not only on income but also on other dimensions of life, such as health,
the quality of social relations and of the environment, employment, and job satisfaction. In this paper
we survey the economic literature on how to construct such overall measures of well-being. We
distinguish three approaches: the capability (and functionings) approach, the use of subjective life
satisfaction measures and the calculation of equivalent incomes. We discuss the normative assumptions
underlying these three approaches, focusing on two issues: the degree to which individual preferences
are respected and where in each approach the boundaries of individual responsibility are drawn. We
compare the measurement of inequality in well-being with the use of multidimensional inequality
measures. We illustrate the general theoretical issues in three domains of application: measuring the
effects of household size and composition in the literature on equivalence scales, valuing publicly
provided goods and services, and making international comparisons of well-being involving
international PPP comparisons.